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Hope. Health. Equip. For a flourishing life. This is my overriding intention in all I do but in practice it has many facets.

I have a passion to provide hope and healing in many areas of life that stem from my lived experience of divorce, single parenting, and living with a chronic illness, and my passion to equip ministry workers to promote abundant life and hope in others, practising self-care to last the distance. I have separate websites that focus on these specific areas of ministry or passion.

This website is where you see the whole multifaceted and Christ following Vicky Legge with the other morsels that make up my writing and speaking portfolio. My faith is integral and obvious in the material on this website. I write and teach as someone standing in the trenches alongside you – encouraging you, helping you find your strengths and putting legs on ideas to make them work for you.  I have qualifications and skills in health, training, theology and ministry. Join my mailing list for exclusive encouraging content by clicking here.

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My other websites, blogs and You Tube

My writing blends my professional and personal worlds, covering topics from my lived experience.

Note my blogging schedule has changed

His Heart Ministry Training provides resources and training to promote healing, hope and purpose (abundant life) in the lives of others, and self-care so you are for others and not burn out. Blogs are posted on the first and third Tuesday in the month.

New Life in the Mourning provides encouragement and resources to promote hope and healing at the end of a relationship including dealing with grief. Blogs are posted on the second Thursday of the month.

One Together provides encouragement and resources to strengthen single parents with tips not only to survive but thrive as a single parent. Blogs are posted on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Chronic Hope provides encouragement and resource to promote hope and health those living with chronic illness coming from both lived experience and my specialty of chronic condition management as a health professional. Launching later in 2018.

You Tube

My channel reflects my passion and purpose and has practical videos related to all the facets of my ministry. Click here to view

Sticky note thoughts

This website doesn’t have a blog as such – just short reflections, my sticky note thoughts. Sticky note thoughts are my musings literally written on sticky notes throughout my Bible and other books.

Occasionally I may post a ‘paper’ thought – these are longer than a sticky note and come from musings in my journal and often grow into blog posts, sermons and with lots of fertiliser books.

To keep to a schedule I will post my thoughts on Mondays and Wednesdays, on Facebook and this website.

I am not a theologian but I take Bible study seriously, never wanting to mislead others, so please don’t just take my word for it, grow your knowledge and hear God’s whisper to you specifically.

My thoughts, short or long, come from my time spent in mostly quiet times with God, but sometimes in the noise, rush and distress of everyday life. In the ‘unquiet’ moments I might catch a whisper of a thought and/or idea, a gut feeling, read something that stands out, watch a movie or listen to a song and a line that reverberates in my head. Sometimes it might be a collection over a day where in the world I hear the same phrase but its meaning grows as I think on it. These moments are God speaking to me.

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